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How to use Animal Facilities

  1. Registration to the Animal Facilities

    All animal researchers must submit a written application to register as user of this facility.
    An application form is available in Animal Facilities Office (AFO).

  2. Compliance with the Law and the Guideline

    We have a Law Concerning the Care and Control of Animals as Japan animal welfare act, in addition to the Guideline for Animal Experimentation, Akita University as self-regulation.

    All animal experiments carried out at this Faculty must comply with the Law and the Guideline.

    In this Guideline 3R's - Replacement, Reduction and Refinement- are contained .

    1. Replacement means that you should take another methods not to use whole animal if you can.

    2. Reduction means that you should use animals as few as possible.

    3. Refinement means that you should make effort to reduce pain and distress of animals by using proper anesthetics and euthanasia.

  3. Observance of several internal rules

    There are several internal rules not to disturb other users.
    This facility is colaborative division. Users must observe these rules.

  4. Protocol Submission

    All animal researchers must submit research protocol to the Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC).
    All animal experiments can not be started until protocols are approved by ACUC.
    Protocol form is available from our Home Page on Internet.

  5. Explanation about use of this facility

    All new users must take general orientation to the use of this facility before registration.
    Explanatory meeting is held for newcomers at p.m. 3 every 1st Monday.

Go! General Orientation to the Use of Animal Facilities