Japanese version

General Orientation to the Use of Animal Facilities

  1. User's Card

    You can get the user's card after you take our explanation about how to use Animal Facilities. The user's card allows you to use our facilities any time whenever you want .
    Pass the card through card reader, and then push the number of the room which you want to go in.
    When you get correct sounds "Pi", you can open the door.
    "Pi Pi" sounds means incorrect operation. You should try again correctly.

    When you leave this facilities, you only pass the card through card reader.
    You need not push the number.
    By your such operation our computer holds the record about your name, use area and use time.

  2. Not to bring infectious agents into Animal Facilities

    When you enter in this building, you must change your shoes not to bring into infectious agents.
    When you finished the work and leave this facility, you should wash your hand not to bring out infectious agents.

  3. Use of SPF Animal Area

    We have three animal divisions for Large animal, mid-sized animal and small animal, respectively.
    Small animal division is divided into two areas for SPF and Conventional animal.

    This is SPF area for small animal such as mice and rats.
    You have to wash your hand, before entering SPF area.
    You can enter SPF area by opening the door with user's card.
    Then you have to change your sandal and clothes, and put the mask and the cap.
    When you leave this area, you need not use user's card, only open the door.
    Once you have taken out animals from SPF area to other area, you can not bring them back into SPF area. This is very important not to bring pathogen into SPF area.

  4. Use of Laboratory

    when you use laboratory room, you should maintain the area as clean as possible.
    If you made dirty the area, you have to clean it after use.
    You must discriminate the garbage by type of dengerous (i.e. needle), combustible and incombustible substances.

  5. Use of Animal

    The animal which you want to use should be treated without pain and distress whenever possible.
    You must operate animals under anesthesia. You should prepare proper anesthetics.
    In case of survival experimentation, you have to confirm that animal awake from anesthesia.
    And in case of non-recovery experiment, you have to confirm that the animal certainly died after your procedure.

  6. Transfer of Animal from this building to other place

    You are responsible for clean up of any spills and debris associated with transfer activities.
    Cage, water bottles, and other animal care equipement brought over to other place must be returned to appointed place(in front of Washing sterilizing room).
    Please return this equipment so that it can be made available for use by others.

  7. Isolation Room

    Once you have taken out the rodents (mice and rats) from this building, you can't bring them back into the same room.
    The animals have to be returned in Isolation Room (Return Rodents Room).

  8. Animal Carcases

    Died animals to be discarded should be firmly bagged in the polyethylene bag and put into an Animal-carcase store-room.

  9. Description of Slip about Died Animals

    After animal has died by your experiment, you have to report to AFO by completing takeout slip.

  10. Prohibition of Drinking, Eating and Smoking

    You can't drink, eat and smoke in animal rooms and laboratories.

  11. Forbidden experiment

    You can't carry out the experiment with radioisotope in this facility.
    Such experiment should be carried out in RI center.