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Occupational Therapy


Professor Toshiaki Yoshioka
I am a doctor specializing in pathology. I give lectures and oversee internships in human structural studies and pathophysiology. My main topics of research are the analysis of infiltration and metastasis of cancer cells and of integrin signal transduction. I study cancers such as colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer, and I also study the progress of cancer via cancer stem cells and organ-specific metastasis.


Professor Hidenobu Ohta
I am a practicing child and adolescent psychiatrist and pediatrician at Akita University. I also provide diagnostic evaluations and treatment (psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy) for outpatient clinic children and their families. My current academic interests include early intervention programs for toddlers with high risk of developmental disorders (ASD, ADHD), child and adolescent sleep, telepsychiatry, integration of technology into clinical practice, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in child and adolescent psychiatry. The department of occupational therapy also provides early intervention programs for children, such as CARE and PCIT, aimed at improving their future developmental outcomes.


Professor Yu Kume
My research focuses on the rest-activity rhythm in the elderly community-dwellers. Disturbance of the rest-activity rhythm is associated with adverse health-related outcomes in human. Improvement of the rest-activity rhythm in human, which is one of the primary goals of occupational therapy, will be able to lead clients to good health and well-being as indicated in SGDs goal 3. Let's learn together.


Associate Professor Tomoaki Asano
From the perspective of occupational therapist I am researching the technology that supports the lives of elderly people with dementia. Especially, I’m currently studying the possibility of reminiscence method using digital media. As you know, in Japan, the declining birthrate and aging population is remarkable progress, and the current situation is that lack of manpower to support people with dementia. Therefore, I think it is meaningful to design a reminiscence method that can be carried out even if it is not an expert person by using IT technology.


Associate Professor Ryoko Tomizawa
My research focuses on psychiatric rehabilitation in communities or hospitals. In particular, I specialize in the development of new psychiatric occupational therapy interventions using SNS, forensic psychiatric occupational therapy, peer support for people living with mental illness, and collaboration with multiple professions, people living with mental illness, and caregivers. Through research and education, I would like to pursue what occupational therapists can do to encourage people living with mental illnesses to recover their health and sense of self despite their illness.


Lecturer Keiichi Takahashi
I practice and research on topics related to developmental disorders with an emphasis on teaching health occupations and collaborating with special needs education. In the areas of physical disabilities, I provide proposals for instruction/treatment plans and evaluation methods. My work is based on my clinical experience as an occupational therapist for people with central nervous system diseases. I teach my students by presenting cases and giving them practical education oriented to their work in clinical internships in the 3rd and 4th years, and in clinical settings after graduation.


Lecturer Ayuto Kodama
My research specializes in long-term care prevention aimed at extending healthy life expectancy for the elderly people living in the community. In particular focus on dementia prevention and frailty, I have conducted epidemiological survey studies and intervention studies incorporating exercise. As I work with companies and the government to advance my research, I hope to create a city where people can live well at home for a long time despite illness or disability.


Assistant Professor Megumi Tsugaruya
My research involves the physical, mental and social life functions of the elderly. For their education, I take my students into the homes of the elderly living in the community, who collaborate with us to increase awareness of the needs for occupational therapy. In the homes of the elderly, students learn about actual situations and challenges faced by the community and the elderly. My students are evaluated on the basis of their exchanges with these people.

Assistant Professor Tsubasa Kikuchi
My main research topics are occupational therapy for physical disorders,especially occupational therapy for musculoskeletal disorders. I also have a practice specializing in this area. In undergraduate education,I teach on my area of expertise with practical examples.