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Department of Environmental Health Sciences

Katsuyuki MURATA, MD, DMSc

A Greeting from the Professor

To assure protection against various hazardous factors in the environment, we have to perceive, assess and control the risks to which we are exposed. Environmental health sciences involve a series of processes from perception to control of a large number of risks. We apply science (i.e., epidemiology and medical statistics) to the needs of medicine, because epidemiology is crucial for decision-making in public policy, and because medical statistics provides mathematical evidence (i.e., likelihood) regarding events and results; and, we aim to reify environmental health sciences, consisting of environmental epidemiology, occupational medicine, human biology and toxicology, health sciences in children, and food safety assessment. Our ultimate goal is the practical perception, assessment, and prevention of environmental risks based on our findings. For instance, neurodevelopmental disorders such as mental retardation, autism, attention deficit disorder, and cerebral palsy are common and can cause lifelong disability. Their causes are mostly unknown, although a few industrial chemicals (e.g., lead, arsenic, methylmercury, and polychlorinated biphenyls) are recognized causes of subclinical brain dysfunction and neurodevelopmental disorders. New approaches that identify the unique vulnerability of the developing brain, therefore, are needed for testing and control of unknown factors. Candidates from any discipline with interest in public health will be welcome.


Katsuyuki MURATA, MD, DMSc

Research Areas

Our department is concerned with pathophysiology, risk assessment, and prevention involved in environmental health sciences.

  1. Environmental epidemiology
  2. Occupational medicine
  3. Human biology
  4. Human toxicology
  5. Health sciences in children
  6. Food safety assessment
  7. Statistics in medicine

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Assistant Professor Toyoto IWATA, MD, PhD
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E-mail: iwata@med.akita-u.ac.jp