Division and Department

Department of Health Care Policy

A Greeting from the Professor

My Department deals with:

  1. The study of Health Care Policy in all Japan, covering universally, including Akita Prefecture.
  2. The study of Current Public Health in Japan, including Akita Prefecture.
  3. The study of Current Health Insurance: 1)The Current Contents of Reward, including Fee for Service, 2)Regulatory Rule for Health-Insured Doctors and Health-Insured Medical Facilities, 3)The Research of the Grand Current System for Public Expense including the Total Health-Care-Fee for the Objective Treated Patients.
  4. The study of Care-Service including Nursing Home in Japan, including Akita Prefecture.


Yuji INOUE, M.D., Ma.P.A.

Research Areas

  1. Health Care Policy
  2. Public Health
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Care Service

Contact Information

Professor Yuji INOUE, M.D., Ma.P.A.
1-1-1, Hondo, Akita, 010-8543, Japan