Syllabus for Master's Course in Medical Science 【Edition 0】


Category Course Title Instructors Academic Year Credits remarks
Required Elective
Basic subjects
Clinical medicine General remarks Academic Affairs Chair 1 4
Cellular and human body form and function Academic Affairs Chair 1 4
introduction to medicine Academic Affairs Chair 1 1
Community health policy and environmental health Kyoko Nomura 2 1
Medical English Donald C. Wood 1 1
Advanced technology for cell culture Keiji Kuba 2 1
Biomolecule quantification technology Masamitsu Tanaka 1 1
Recombinant DNA technology Takashi Ebihara 1 1
Introduction to Animal experiment Shinsuke Seki 1 1
Optical and Electron Microscope Operation Akiteru Goto 2 1
subtotal 9 7
Specialized subjects
BiologicalFunction Forefront of Biotechnology Keiji Kuba 1 2
Special seminars on cell biology Takashi Ebihara 1 2
Clinical Laboratory and Diagnostics Shigeharu Ueki 1 2
Physiology Tomohiro Numata 1 2
Neurosciennce Kazuo Mishima 1 2
Immunology Satoshi ISHII 1 2
subtotal 12
Applied Functions The latest preventive medicine Kyoko Nomura 1 2
Genetic diagnosis Tsutomu Takahashi 1 2
Radiology Koichi Ishiyama 1 2
Emerging and re-emerging infections Shigeharu Ueki, Tomoo Saga 1 2
Oncology Hiroyuki Shibata 1 2
subtotal 10
cancer genome and cancer biology Hiroyuki Shibata 1~2 1
cancer genome diagnosis and precision medicine Hiroyuki Shibata 1~2 1
Cancer treatment based on precision medicine Hiroyuki Shibata 1~2 1
precision medicine, rare cancer, therapy and care for children and the aged Hiroyuki Shibata 1~2 1
Master's Thesis Special Theme Research in Medical Science Academic Affairs Chair 1~2 8
total 17 29

※ 4 credits are required for students who belong to the "Future Cancer Professional Development Plan".

Degree or title Master (Medical Science) Degree or Departmental Field Medical Science
Graduation Requirements and Course Completion Methods Period of classes, etc.
Students must be enrolled in the Master's Course at the Akita University Graduate School of Medicine for at least two years and acquire the following as stipulated by the Graduate School regulations.
(1) Acquire a total of 14 or more credits, including 9 required credits from basic courses and 5 or more credits from elective courses.
(2) Acquire a total of 16 credits or more, consisting of 8 credits from required courses and 8 credits or more from elective courses.
(3) Earn a total of 30 credits or more.
Semester per academic year 2 Semester
Term of classes per semester 15 Week
Class hours per period 90 minutes