Department of Cell Biology and Morphology

Professor Yasukazu HOZUMI M. D. & Ph. D. Cell biology, Histology
Associate Professor Masakazu YAMAZAKI Ph. D. Cell biology, Developmental biology
Assistant Professor Kiwamu YOSHIKAWA Ph. D. Cell biology
Assistant Professor Tomonori AYUKAWA Ph. D. Molecular biology
Technical staff Megumi ITOH    
Technical staff Erika TODOH    
Technical staff Hiroki TAKAHASHI    

Lectures for undergraduate students in Faculty of Medicine
Histology, Human Embryology (Developmental Biology), Cell Biology
Lectures for graduate students in Graduate School of Medicine
Cell biology of hepatic stellate cells, Molecular mechanisms of morphogenesis

Research Subjects
1. Research on the subcellular localization and function of lipid secondary transmitter metabolizing enzymes.
2. Generation and establishment of specific antibodies to molecules (polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies).
3. Analysis of planar cell polarity (PCP) using experiments and mathematical models.
4. Research on vitamin A storage and other physiological functions in stellate cells (Ito cells, vitamin A storage cells).