Department of Cell Biology and Morphology

Professor Haruki SENOO M. D. & Ph. D. Cell biology, Histology
Associate Professor Masakazu YAMAZAKI Ph. D. Molecular cell biology
Assistant Professor Kiwamu YOSHIKAWA Ph. D. Cell biology
Assistant Professor Tomonori AYUKAWA Ph. D. Molecular cell biology
Technical staff Maiko SUZUKI    
Technical staff Mitsutaka MIURA    

Lectures for undergraduate students in Faculty of Medicine
Histology, Human Embryology (Developmental Biology), Cell Biology
Lectures for graduate students in Graduate School of Medicine
Cell biology of hepatic stellate cells, Molecular mechanisms of morphogenesis

Research Subjects
1. Molecular mechanisms of storage a large quantity of vitamin A and the studies of influences of global warming in arctic animals, for example polar bear.
2. A molecular mechanism of planar cell polarity (PCP).
3. The mechanisms of formation, degeneration and disappearance of lipid droplets containing vitamin A in stellate cells*.
4. Nuclear receptors in stellate cells.
5. Biliary system and vitamin A-storing cell system in a lamprey (Lampetra japonica, Lethenteron reissenri))
for studying liver pathogenesis in human.
6. Histopathological analyses of frozen mammoths excavated from the permanent frozen soil in
7. Molecular mechanisms of the regulation of morphology and function of HSCs by extracellular
matrix (ECM) components, for example collagen.
8. Interaction between cells and extracellular matrix.
9. Molecular mechanisms of the regulation of gene expressions in HSCs by ECM components and
retinoids (vitamin A).
10. The mechanisms of the regulation of catalytic activity expressions of matrix metalloproteinases
in HSCs in vitro by ECM components and extracelluar matrix metalloproteinase inducer
11. The morphology and function of extra-hepatic stellate cells.
12. The strategy for treatment and prevention of hepatic fibrosis and liver cirrhosis, through the
studies on metabolism of vitamin A and suppressive mechanisms of collagen synthesis in

*Stellate cells: Vitamin A-storing cells in liver (hepatic stellate cells, also called as fat-storing cells, Ito cells). Stellate cells also exist in extra-hepatic organs such as pancreas, lung, kidney and intestine.