Akita University School Of Medicine Department Of Urology

Research Areas

The main research areas of our department are on urogenital oncology, renal transplantation, urinary reconstructive surgery,and laparoscopic surgery. Extensive clinical and basic studies are being performed in the following subdivisions:

  1. DNA polymorphisms associated with genesis and progression of urologic cancers (Prostate cancer, Bladder cancer, Renal cell cancer, Testicular cancer).
  2. Identifications of molecular markers that distinguish urologic cancers with high malignant potential.
  3. Identification of immunologic and genetic parameters affecting the outcome of renal transplantation.
  4. Novel approach for reconstruction and regeneration of pelvic nerves involved in erection and micturition.
  5. Extensive urologic laparoscopic surgeries for kidney and upper urinary tract, prostate cancers and other urologic diseases.
  6. Urinary reconstructive surgeries maintaining high QOL.
  7. Pharmacogenetic studies on immunosuppressive drugs and anti-cancer drugs.
  8. Novel chemotherapeutic approach for advanced urologic cancers
  9. Novel immunosuppressive regimens for high risk kidney transplantation.