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Spring (Flowers in Akita)

Spring (Mt. Taihei, 1,170 meters, in Akita)

Spring (Senshu Park in Akita City)

Spring (Mt. Komagatake, 1,637 meters, in Akita)

Spring (Goshogake Spa near Mt. Hachimantai, 1,613 meters, in Akita Prefecture)

Summer (Funosi waterfall in Akita)

Summer (Mt. Chokai, 2,236 meters, in Akita)

Summer (Tamada Canyon and Hottai waterfall in Akita)

Summer (Blue Pond in Shirakami Mountains in Aomori)

Summer (Tamagawa Spa in Akita)

Summer (Naso Waterfall in Akita)

Autumn (Mt. Moriyoshi, 1,454 meters, in Akita)

Autumn (Taihei Lake in Kita-Akita, Akita)

Autumn (Shirakami Mountains in Fujisato, Akita)

Autumn (Mt. Chokai, 2,236 meters, in Akita)

Autumn (Oyasu Canyon in Akita)

Winter (Snow in Akita)

Winter (Kakunodate in Akita)

Winter (Kanman Temple in Akita)

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