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Community and Elderly Nursing


A Greeting from the Professor

Activities falling under the Division of Community Nursing include interventions in health problems at school, in industry, and among the local populace by means of community diagnosis, health counseling, health education, etc. Activities of home health care, a subdivision that was created to promote home care skills and welfare service systems, include nursing interventions for persons receiving care in domestic settings and support for their family members.

The division of Geriatric Nursing is a specialized area of nursing that takes into account the special characteristics and needs of people who have reached old age. The process of geriatric nursing consists of assessing the health and living conditions of elderly persons affected by mental and physical changes due to aging and by diseases or disorders, planning and implementing appropriate nursing care, and evaluating of the results of care. Geriatric nursing is being developed in a variety of settings, including medical institutions, community and home health care, and in facilities for the elderly.

Nursing practice that can meet the wide variety of needs of the elderly is becoming more and more necessary as the aging of the population of Japan progresses. In the Division of Geriatric Nursing we are teaching and researching knowledge and methods required for the practice of geriatric nursing, relating to the special needs and health disorders of the elderly, problems associated with these needs and disorders, and care designed to maintain and restore health, among others.


Community Nursing
Professor: Yoriko NAKAMURA
Lecturer: Makiko NAGAOKA
Lecturer: Yumiko KUMAZAWA
Assistant professor:Tomoe FUJITA

Elderly Nursing:
Professor: Keiko SUZUKI
Lecturer:Minaka NAGATA

Research Areas

  • Research on community health and public mental health and welfare
  • Research on support for discharged patients
  • Clinical nursing care of the elderly

Contact Information

Department of Community and Elderly Nursing, Akita Graduate School of Health Sciences.
1-1-1, Hondo, Akita, 010-8543, Japan.
E-mail Address: yorikon@hs.akita-u.ac.jp