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Basic Nursing

A Greeting from the Professor

The Department of Basic Nursing is making an effort to produce highly-trained individuals who will emerge from our program ready to make great contributions to the health of any society through nursing practice. The Department consists of two divisions: Health Sciences and Basic Nursing.

In the Health Sciences division, Biochemistry physiological, psychological and social aspects of human beings are deeply explored in order to contribute to the further development of nursing science. Another role of the division is to teach basic medical science for improved understanding of nursing science in general.

The Division of Basic Nursing is responsible for educating nursing students in basic nursing concepts, nursing theory, nursing processes, and the social functions of nursing, which helps lead to better nursing sciences and practice in the future. Another important task is to train students in research methodologies for the improvement of nursing science knowledge.


Health Sciences
Associate Professors:
Hisanaga SASAKI, Yoshiharu MOMOTA, Noriko YAMAGUCHI

Basic Nursing
Noriko ISHII, Makiko SASAKI
Associate Professor:
Assistant Professor:

Research Areas

  • Tumor angiogenesis and anti-angiogenic therapy
  • Reseach on the biological functions of extracellular matrix
  • The molecular mechanisms underlying tissue fibrosis
  • Community intervention suicide prevention program
  • Analysis of suicide behavior and preventive approach
  • The amelioration of malfunction of the micturition reflex of urinary reflexes in the aged, in which the role of epithelial cells of urinary bladder evoked by extracellular signals are elucidated
  • Research focused on epithelial cell movements responding to humoral signals using cell culture
  • Nurses handling of anticancer drugs and preventive measures of occupational exposure
  • Health management of nurses
  • Basic nursing skills

Contact Information

Noriko Ishii, PhD.
Department of Basic Nursing, Akita University Graduate School of Health Sciences.
1-1-1, Hondo, Akita, 010-8543, Japan.
E-mail Address:norikois@hs.akita-u.ac.jp