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Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Geriatric Medicine

Yuichiro YAMADA, MD, PhD

A Greeting from the Professor

The Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Geriatric Medicine covers the education of medical and graduate students, and also medical care, at Akita University Hospital in the fields of endocrinology, diabetes and geriatric medicine.

Our research is focusing on diabetes and its complications, especially in the fields of incretin and diabetic nephropathy.

Incretin-related pharmaceuticals are under development all over the world as novel-class anti-diabetic drugs. GIP and GLP-1, secreted from the small intestine, play a crucial role in postprandial insulin secretion as incretin. Moreover, expression of GIP and GLP-1 receptors in various tissues prompts us to examine the extrapancreatic effects of GIP and GLP-1. Our research on physiological and pathophysiological roles of incretin is expected to contribute to pioneering new treatment strategies for diabetes. Please get involved in basic and clinical research on incretin with us.


Yuichiro YAMADA, MD, PhD
(Research area: Basic and clinical incretin research)

Associate Professor:
Takuma NARITA, MD, PhD
(Research area: Clinical research on diabetic nephropathy and incretin)

Hiroki FUJITA, MD, PhD
(Research area: Basic diabetic nephropathy research)

Research Areas

  1. Physiology and pharmacology of incretin
  2. Clinical research on incretin-related drugs
  3. Pahophysiology of diabetic nephropathy
  4. Treatment of diabetic nephropathy

Contact Information

Professor Yuichiro YAMADA
Phone: +81-18-884-6117
FAX: +81-18-884-6117
e-mail: yamada@gipc.akita-u.ac.jp